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What are Proper Nouns?

Proper Nouns are names for particular people, places, things, days of the week, months of the year etc.


Names of People

Names of all persons are Proper Nouns. A few examples are,

Anne Joshua
Hannah George
Frederick Johanna

Names of Places

Names of all the Cities and Towns are Proper Nouns. A few examples are,

New Delhi London
Berlin Moscow
New York Tokyo

Names of Countries

Names of all the States and Countries are Proper Nouns. A few examples are,

England India
China France
Germany Malaysia

Days of the Week

All the days of the week are Proper Nouns

Sunday Monday
Tuesday Wednesday
Thursday Friday

Months of the Year

The months of the year are also Proper Nouns

January February
March April
May June
July August
September October
November December

Names of Natural Resources

The names given to all the natural resource are Proper Nouns

Niagara Falls The Thames
Mount Everest Atlantic Ocean
Amazon Forests The Grand Canyon

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